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Make it a great day! It’s a simple shift from the “Have a nice day” that we’re used to hearing. I’ve never liked the phrase “Have a nice day” because it implies that it’s something that happens TO you.  In my opinion, you can make every moment of every day of your life as great and as happy as you want.

Make no mistake about it, it’s always a choice.  And the choice lies within you.  In any given situation, you choose your response.  Things go wrong, stuff happens that can push your buttons, you react.  That’s the key part of it, how do you react?  How do you choose to respond?

Do you lash out in anger?  Do you sit down and cry?  Do you exact your revenge on those who have wronged you?  Do you give up on your dreams? Or do you take a deep breath, choose your response and move on?  Do you blame someone else for making you upset?

I know that this may sound simplistic to many who believe that life is complicated and they are victims of some sort and they have no control over their destiny.  To that I say “Bull”.  All the choices you’ve made throughout every moment of your life have brought you to the moment you are in now.

Every moment of every day you have a choice in your thoughts and actions.  Sometimes, I realize, it doesn’t seem that way.  I myself have battled with situations in life that left me feeling frustrated and helpless and powerless.  And it wasn’t until I learned to empower myself  and choose my experiences that my world changed.

And so, if you want to change your life, start with yourself and your attitude.  Choose your response in every moment of every day.  While we all need to occasionally wallow in self pity, it should be temporary, not a lifestyle.  You are a powerful being.  You have a unique set of talents and skills and characteristics that combine to make you.  Be thankful and hold onto only those thoughts and attitudes that benefit you and yours.  Focus loving energy on everyone you encounter.  Hand out smiles to strangers.  Sing.  Give away gifts - money, food, books......  Tip generously.  Maintain an attitude of gratitude for even the smallest of miracles. 

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